09 août 2010

"La mirador " de lidia Terki

rôle de Tara, pour "la Mirador", moyen-métrage de Lidia Terki (2004)

LA MIRADOR 35mm/47'/2004 from Lidia Terki on Vimeo.

LA MIRADOR 2 (47'/2004) from Lidia Terki on Vimeo.


Written, directed, co-pro by Lidia Terki

"Lidia terki's striking film shows a burgeoning talent clearly above the norm. La Mirador is the story of a teenage girl, Tara, who is inseparable from her older brother, until the proverbial summer that changes everything. Daniel takes up with moody, so-hip-it-hurts Marie, leaving Tara on the outside. Then Tara discovers that her brother has got into drugs in a big way. Telling her story sparingly and incisively, La Mirador benefits from powerful, low-key performances, especially by the expressive, sharp-featured Elsa Mroziewicz as the vulnerable but defiant heroine."
Jonathan Romney, BFI

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